Why San Juan Island?

posted November 5th, 2010 in The NBH Story
by katie

The NBH site before constructionGLEN BRUELS (homeowner): When I was in the service, I spent a year at Todd Shipyards in Seattle and began visiting San Juan Island (SJI).  I fell in love with the place. Later I started taking Deb and the kids there on vacations from our home in Colorado Springs, and they loved it, too. When we began thinking about retirement, we considered Mexico, Hawaii or the Caribbean, but we kept coming back to SJI: it was bucolic, beautiful and relaxing, with friendly people, and we’re not sunbathers so we didn’t care that it was too far north for a swimming beach. The Stewarts next door owned the lot, and when I found myself in Vancouver on business in 2000 I went down to SJI and boom, I bought it. The very next day, another couple offered Gene Stewart 20% more for it, but he turned them down because he and I had shaken hands on it and he was a man of his word.

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